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Resources for Parent Training

It truly takes a village to raise children. As a parent you need help and it is okay to as for it. As a parent it is hard to know what to do and sometimes knowing when to help your child(ren). Below is the start of a list of parent training references and parent training resources meant to help educate and inform parents raising their children. From helpful national websites to individual schools in the Orange County area this list of parent training resources is intended to help parents with their research and education as parents.

The Family Conservancy
The Family Conservancy is an accredited website that was put together by early education and mental health experts. Using evidence-based resources, the website is a treasure of information for parent training. They have a monthly newsletter available for parenting tips and additional resources.

Parent Center Hub
If you are the parent of a child with a disability you need access to a support network and resources that will help you best provide for your child. This website helps you locate your state’s Parent Training and Information Center (PTI) with an interactive map. For more information about what a PTI can provide for you and your family open this PDF.

LEAPS (Learning Early Intervention and Parent Support) Project
This program is meant to help children under 5 and their parents locate and have access to resources that will help prepare the children for a successful school career. This program has been funded by the Newport Mesa School District and the Children and Families Commission of Orange County since 2004.

Regional Center of Orange County(RCOC)
The Regional Center of Orange County is a private non-profit organization that coordinates workshops, seminars and training opportunities for parents. The organization’s website provides an extensive calendar meant to provide lifelong services and support for individuals with disabilities and their families.

Reid Day School
The Reid Day School is a non-profit program developed to help especially gifted children recognize and further develop their skills and talents.

The Parent Project
The Parent Project develops parent-training programs to help parents with raising difficult children with the focus of the programs being effective and affordable for every parent. In over 28 years the program has become the largest court mandated juvenile diversion program. Visit the main website for more information.

Family Autism Network(FAN)
The FAN resources page is an excellent source for parents and families of children/individuals with autism.

OC Youth As Parents Program
The Youth as Parents Program is intended to provide assistance to young pregnant teens and parenting teens to prevent or reduce issues such as domestic violence, substance abuse and becoming involved in the juvenile justice system. For more information on this countywide program visit the website link provided.

Trauma Informed Resources
A resource to help individuals become informed on what trauma is and how it may affect children. The link provides access to a couple of videos on how individuals may help children heal from traumatic circumstances and events.

For additional information on trauma and the effects on children if it goes untreated visit this link.

OC Social Services Agency: Children and Family Services Juvenile Dependency
The OC Social Services Agency provides a Parent Guide to help families whose lives have been intervened by Child and Family Services (CFS). The Parent Guide walks through what to expect and how individuals may work with CFS to help themselves and their families.

The Center for Arts Education(CAE)
The Center for Arts Education is a website tool providing information to parents who would like to actively promote arts education in their children’s schools. The CAE is located in New York, New York.